Travel Expert Andrew M. Berke Weighs In On List of 2018 Travel Hot Spots

andrew m berkeUnder normal circumstances, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll cross off every personal bucket-list destination before the hurdles of international travel become too much for you to handle. Age, budget and available free time simply can’t stand up against the wide world in which we live. That’s why travel guide Andrew M. Berke would like to share with you recently-published information about locations that you must see — and others that might not be worth the trip.

According to a November 2017 release from the Fodor’s travel guide company, there are 58 locations that travels should take the time to visit while there are another 10 that need to be dropped from itineraries. “Despite all of the recent calamity and horrors — both natural and manmade — this really is a magical world that deserves to be explored,” Jeremy Tarr, editorial director of Fodors.com, said in a press release. So without further delay, travel expert Andrew M. Berke would like to dive into the 2018 list from Fodor’s.

– Far-Flung East: South of Slovenia and opposite Italy via the Adriatic Sea, the geographic location of Croatia makes it an unlikely candidate for “tourism hot spot.” However, that’s the designation it has earned and the accolades have come in for its ancient European architecture, pleasant weather and water access plus affordable housing options for tourists.

– Oh, Canada? Yes, Canada. Hear us out: Andrew M. Berke says that Prince Edward Island offers the seaside atmosphere similar to some New England states, but still gives you that foreign country experience. According to Fodor’s, lobster season, ample access to the Gulf of St. Lawrence and lush landscapes give visitors plenty of reasons to stray from Toronto or Montreal.

– Rising Sun: Driven by deeply-discounted airline tickets, flying to Japan has never been cheaper. According to Fodor’s, the unique Japanese cuisine are dishes best served in their homeland. That means ramen as it is supposed to be eaten and the vending machines that offer everything from fresh fruit to socks for your feet. Moreover, Fodor’s suggests seeing Tokyo during Christmas to see how Western traditions “are reinterpreted through a Japanese lens.”

– The “Skip” List: While Fodor’s offers 10 spots that are either being damaged by excessive tourism or are beaten out by a better and closer alternative, one caught the eye of Andrew M. Berke: Mt. Everest. Given the life-or-death aspects of this trip, plus the price tag that could climb to $45,000, a trip to Tibet may not be worth your time.